Adult dog training


“Help … This dog is nothing like how he seemed now that we have him home”.  “The neighbours said he barks all day”.
“I just can’t take her anywhere anymore”.


Adult-dog-trainingAn adolescent or adult dog will already have acquired habits and behaviours, which often might not work for you and your family, even though you have had them from a puppy. For instance , ragging on the lead, chewing whatever is behind your letterbox, jumping up at people, being unfriendly to other dogs. Or any other little bad habits that may have crept in!

Some rescue dogs, who seemed calm and quiet in kennels, can suddenly become a different dog when they get their paws under the table. More and more people are also rescuing dogs from places like Cyprus and Romania. These dogs have very special needs and while they may be ok with other dogs (because they lived in a pack) may never have had any socialisation with humans or seen the inside of a house.

Plus, you might just not have a clue what’s going wrong. So I offer individual sessions where I can help you assess the issues, and then give you a plan to work from.

I’ve recently seen so many dogs, pulling their owners along behind them like water-skiers, and I have helped a lot of clients to make dog walking a more enjoyable experience – at both ends of the lead!

So due to popular demand, I have introduced a three session walking programme, especially for dogs who pull on the lead. This requires owner participation in all three sessions, where together we assess what’s making your dog pull, discuss some techniques, and practice with me alongside to help train them.

Please contact me for details and prices.


  • Lead pulling – My speciality – based on some techniques developed from 30 years of horse riding, which allow a 5 ft 3 woman to hold half-a-ton of horse, without pulling or force.
  • Recall – Getting good recall is a process not a single point solution. I can show you how to up build up to getting a really solid recall. I’m happy to do this outside, accompanying you on walks to see what’s really going on and how you can fix it.
  • Anxious behaviour – separation anxiety, barking at people or other dogs, lead reactivity and other problems are mostly drive by anxiety, not aggression. I can help you understand how your dog sees life, which causes him to behave this way, and help you to work through it.
  • Resource guarding – can grow into a bigger issue if you don’t tackle it early. I can show you techniques to prevent or manage resource guarding.


Individual sessions                  £60

I always start with an individual session, then its up to you whether you want me to come back and do some more work with you, or leave you with the tools and techniques I have given you, to go on and train your dog yourself.

Session packages
2 sessions                                    £110
3 sessions                                    £145