Puppy training


Getting ready for your puppy coming home is not just about making sure that you have a few toys and some puppy food. Most families are not prepared for the amount of effort that’s needed and how challenging a puppy can be.

So let me help you approach it with your eyes open, fully prepared and ready to give your puppy the best possible start. And if you’re not quite there yet, I can even help you to decide what’s the most suitable breed for your family and lifestyle before you take that big step.



Give your puppy the best start with my 3 session puppy programme. I will talk about how science has discovered how puppies learn things and the key principles of training that apply to every interaction with your puppy.

Then we will go through all of the basics – sit, down, bite inhibition, lead walking, the beginning of recall. This is all done using positive reinforcement methods – no shouting, no reprimands. I will show you clicker training, which you can then use as a technique whenever you want to do more advanced training with your puppy.

This is a structured programme, but some things will come easily, and some will be that bit harder for your puppy. So as we get to session 3 and 4, the programme can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your puppy as we go through. You’’ll get a puppy pack with a clicker, lots of written information and a puppy progress chart to track what you do that you can keep and refer back to.

Most of all I will leave you with the tools and techniques that you can use again and again as your puppy becomes an adult dog.


Basic puppy training is only phase one. When your puppy reached adolescence – at some time between 5 and 18 months – you might wonder what one earth happened to that gorgeous little thing, who has now become a total monster….. running off and not coming back, jumping up, barking and generally behaving like a little tyrant. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal! I can do a puppy follow up session, focussing in on those little obstacles that arise in adolescent dogs.


When you bring a puppy into a household with children, its important that they are involved in the puppy’s training and ideally, not undoing all the good work that you have put in. So I’m very happy to work with your family and use games that the children will enjoy, whilst training the puppy at the same time.


Three session puppy programme               £140

Plus optional fourth session outdoors, to practice off-lead recall in a safe, enclosed space.