Here are some of my clients thoughts on how I have helped them and their dogs.

I highly recommend giving PawManners a call

“I contacted Maureen to help us with our 3 year old Husky, Suki is a rescue dog, previously living on a puppy farm in Wales. Although she was very sweet-natured and friendly she did not know any commands and was terrible on a lead, we believe this is due to having never experienced one before. Maureen’s technique to “loose lead” walking is two leads and I was very sceptical at first but it is amazing. A husky will naturally pull like crazy but after 2 weeks Suki is doing really well. We only had two sessions with Maureen in which she gave us lots of encouragement and techniques to help, not only loose lead walking but also advice on other issues we have had with Suki.

As Maureen would say consistency is key! I highly recommend giving PawManners a call, it will change yours and your furry friends life. Thank you so much Maureen for your guidance, you are a super star!”  Elise, Fleet

We thoroughly recommend Maureen and couldn’t have managed without her

“Getting our first family dog, having had no previous experience of puppies, was quite a daunting prospect. However, with Maureen’s expert help and guidance, within a few weeks we felt much more confident and Maisie (our puppy) is already responding to Maureen’s excellent training techniques. We would thoroughly recommend Maureen and couldn’t have managed without her. Thank you.” Rebecca, Farnham

Paw Manners is very affordable and worth every penny!

“Maureen helped us with both our rescue dogs who have problems with anxious behaviour. The lessons were incredibly helpful and all the training focused on how the dogs learn rather than what we want them to do.

The results have been very positive and we continue the training practice with them on our own. Paw Manners is very affordable and worth every penny! Maureen gave us lots of resources on how to deal with dog behavioural issues and left us with lots of training tips to improve certain negative behaviours. I would definitely recommend Paw Manners if you are looking for a dog trainer!”  Babette, Egham, Surrey

She understood exactly what we needed our dogs to do

“Maureen was very friendly, and my dogs loved her. She was professional and really listened to us. She understood exactly what we needed our dogs to do and she demonstrated step-by-step instructions on how to achieve correct results. She taught us clicker training, which was a revelation! She also gave us written instructions and material that we can refer back to. I feel very confident handling my dogs and they seem much happier too! Thank you Maureen!”  Liz, Godalming

Maureen has been an absolute godsend

“Maureen has been an absolute godsend. We had a strong 11 month old Labrador who pulled on the lead. Maureen has been walking him one-to-one and has worked wonders to help him walk calmly without pulling. She has been teaching all the family simple rules for how to manage him on his walks. She has a lovely calm confident way and we are all learning so much from her. When we really needed help she was there for us 100%. Thank you so much Maureen.”  Christine, Elstead

Maureen is right up to date with current understanding of how dogs tick

“My sighthounds have just had two training sessions with Maureen at PawManners, and l am just so pleased that we have. She is so confident with dogs, understands and is able to explain how they think and what motivates their behaviour, she filled me with the confidence l was lacking with my two when out on walks. l now see what l have to do to help my dogs become more relaxed and well behaved when we are out and about and meeting other dogs and l will continue with their training, knowing that if l get stuck in any way, she will be able to put me back on track.

Already, using her suggested techniques, my dogs are behaving much better and l am beginning to enjoy my walks with them instead of slightly dreading it each time! So much of how we train our dogs is counter-productive and Maureen is right up to date with current understanding of how dogs tick. So l would highly recommend this lovely lady if you have any concerns about your dog or want to improve their behaviour.” Eve

I would recommend sessions with Maureen to any new dog owner

“We rehomed Rupert (a Spangold Retriever) at 6 months, he is a delightful dog but taking on an older puppy who was raised in a kennel not a home came with it’s own unique set of challenges. Maureen was brilliant, she worked with us and Rupert to help us all understand him and how to harness his behaviour.

He responded really well to the clicker training, picking up commands quickly but struggled with impulse control. Maureen pointed out things to us about him that we wouldn’t have noticed on our own. Being able to look for those markers has had such a positive impact on our relationship with him – it’s taught us a new language! She also made really helpful suggestions about things that Rupert would enjoy and be stimulated by. I would recommend sessions with Maureen to any new dog owner or anyone wishing to gain more insight into their dogs behaviours.” Charlotte, Shackleford